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The Future is Upon Us!

We have new author Madison Peterson diligently working on her final edit of The Warehouse, a fictional work filled with psychological terror concerning kidnapping and the twisted ideology of a mad man. We are so proud to publish her first book and have had a great time taking photos for the cover and back. The community support has been encouraging and warm. Our publication date is now set for September 1, 2018.

We have another young author joining our team soon, with a story about the pain that accompanies bullying, and the misconceptions we have of others at this formative age. This piece will be an ideal short story for collaboration on by a famous female artist who was deeply moved by the story. Then we will be turning this into a short movie in another collaboration with an enterprising videographer. I cannot wait to tell you more, but we must stop discussing now until the project has all its legalities in place. This is our zygote project.

Edith. Her book is finished and published and recently a documentary specialist approached Crowing Love about featuring Ediths story. This project has grown into a sharp focus and what it reveals is absolutely startling and also coincides with current events. I believe this documentary will be the key to promoting a truth in historical writing that is rarely written or spoken of; the cleansing of ethnic Germans after World War II. Her memoir is written from the perspective of a child while losing everything and being spit on for being German. No one knew the real secret. The secret that could not be spoken of or they would be have been killed by Nazis. The secret even Edith did not know. The historical data that will be featured in this documentary in visual cues validates Ediths psychological perspective for who she is presently as well as how it dictated her life, unknowingly. We have no set date for release. We want this project equating to greatness and are currently working on data collection, research, and sifting through many photos.

We have been receiving many submissions, and we are working heartily in many collaborations. We love them all. Please keep sharing and check back!

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