Recommendations From Us to You

The Book of Edith,by Edith Werkman, has a special place in our heart at Crowing Love Publications. This book was a chance encounter with 4 handwritten notebooks of the life of Edith, divided into four parts of her life span. Her stories made us giggle and laugh at her contemptuous nature, and marveled at her resilience to keep pushing forward.
We are now live on Amazon and Kindle! We even sold a few copies. Amazon has a beta program that tracks how many pages each reader reads. The Book of Edith is always read in it’s entirety. Always.

Below is the link and synopsis:

Born the year 1936 in Czechoslovakia, Edith chronicles her life in this complete lifespan memoir. She takes us through being a small child during World War II, Immigration through several countries, and the first time she saw a passenger airplane.Edith educated herself and went to work in the first drug labs, in a time when women were coming into equal rights in the 1960’s. An avid hiker, Edith shows us a rare perspective of a quiet and strong woman at the top of her mountain, giving meaning to all the mountains we have to climb in order to realize life.

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