Crowing Love Publications

We are the crows, scavenging to make life pretty again. We hold our dreams in innocent intent of building community with like minded humans. We are sharing love and psychology. We are Crowing Love.

We publish books that focus on psychological aspects and human nature.

We also have a blog site for writers to share their stories about life and the lessons learned. The blog has become a safe community to express authentic views and share pain in motivation of re focusing life on the idea that while bad will always exist, there is also always good.

We learned this mantra from one of our authors, Edith Werkman, in her memoir The Book of Edith. She is a mentor and a friend as well and we feel honored to learn from her. If she likes you, she will share her chocolate. Thank you for all the good in our life. Thank you for the chocolate.

Crowing Love Publications

Peggy and The Crows

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