Race Brain

Its race week for me and I have race brain. It’s Thursday  and trying to focus at work or anywhere is like asking a kid to focus on school work while having them sit in a candy store. My brain is all over the place. I have about four different lists going on; packing, my race day rear, after race gear, weekend clothes, and the rest of the crap I will need. I am craving the feel of dirt under my feet and mud on my skin, and the feeling of my body aching from the strain of the different carries, and the joy that comes from discovering all the bruises in the shower after the race, I want the filling of my soul!!

See this weekend’s race is a big one for me it’s my sixth Spartan Race of my 2017 OCR (Obstacle Course Race) season and it marks my completion of my very first double trifecta and let me give brief explanation for all my non-OCR readers here. In the Spartan Race Series you have three different race lengths A Sprint which is the shortest at 4-5 Miles long with 20-25 obstacles, Next is a Super which is 8-10 Miles with 25-30 Obstacles, and the Longest is a Beast which is 12+ miles and 30+ Obstacles. If you complete all three in one calendar year you earn what Spartan calls a Trifecta and you can earn multiple Trifectas in a year.

I have had a goal of a double trifecta for two years now and last year in 2016 I was on my way to that shiny double trifecta medal when at my favorite venue of the year the Portland Sprint I sprained my ankle badly, to the point that it sidelined me for the rest of my 2016 season and my goal of a double trifecta got put on hold. It was crushing to be pulled from the race and then have to face the fact that my season was really over. I was devastated and I spiraled into a major depression but in the early part of January 2017 I came to a realization.

I was being put in a position to learn some valuable lessons on listening to my body and refocusing my goals. I have spent this last year changing my training, my diet,my mental health, and most important I have been listening to my body.  I am injury free this year which is a first in the four years of racing for me so far, I am on my way to being the fittest I have ever been in my life. I am down 52 lbs since the start of the year, and mentally I am doing better than I have in the last fifteen years.

This weekends double trifecta marks not only the reaching of a major goal for me but it also marks the solid transition  into the next metamorphosis in my life. It marks the evolution of me transforming myself into the athletic and strong woman that I can feel is roaring and clawing to climb to the surface. She has been slowing emerging for the last four years and the 2018 OCR season is going to mark my five year anniversary. I am going to make it one for the memory books!!!

I feel like I need to mention that when I found OCR’s I found my home, my soul, my quiet place. Being out on a race course with hundreds and at times thousands of people may seem like an odd place to find quiet but I do.  Out there on the course, even when I am surround by my amazing and supportive teammates,I still find moments of solitude. I come off of a race course with a clear head although my mind and body are usually utterly exhausted. It’s the most alive and exhilarating feeling in the world for me. I don’t care how covered in mud I am, or how wet, or hot/cold I am. I know that I am ALIVE!  I have found a passion a drive something that I won’t give up. There is something to be said about a sport that can challenge you both physically and mentally like OCR’s do. I know for some its Martial Art, or Moto Cross, or Baseball we all find something that does it.

I finally get it, I get that drive that peace that comes from the push, the physical exhaustion, the mental drain. It recharges you in a way that a day that the spa can’t do. I love my spa days don’t get me wrong but it’s RACE WEEKEND!!!!  


2 Comments on “Race Brain

  1. I get this. For me its body exhaustion. I love running in the forest. I can hear the trees once the world wears off. And i find balance. A whole new world expises itself to me like the veil is licted and im introduced to myself. Thanks for sharing. I love finding how us ladies are simila

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    • I can feel it. mmmm…all the good parts anyway. I always forget about the tight calf muscles that you have to fight through at first. Those endorphin’s though! Worth it. This was a great post.


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