Relaxation Set-up

Relaxing, to me, is a set up.

For me to relax I feel I need to get everything done.I relax often by taking a bath or by going on a trip, but the reality is that unless I just put my face into the fire and handle what needs to be done, I can’t.Truth be told.To relax I must…

Do the dishes. I can’t stand having dishes in my sink.It notes to me that I am so far off my house game that my life is falling apart.Once the dishes are finally done I can see my kitchen. I want to mop my floors by hand and make sure there is no dust on the trim around my counter tops. Then I can light a candle, grab some cold water, and make my way back to the living room.

Hahaha, oh but before we discuss the ending,let’s talk about where it starts. Laundry. I can’t even get to the living room until my bedroom is dusted and the laundry is started and at least one load of items has been hung to dry.Only then can I clean my tub well and make sure the faucet handles and mirrors are shiny.

Once this is done I can dust the living room and re-situate the books Heaven misplaced while listening to some great music. Vacuuming is one of my favorite things to do before I spray all my furniture with my newest creative rosemary blend with some sort of other fruity scented water and then: The dishes.

Relaxing takes hours….

Once I’m done with the dishes I’ll usually run a hot bath in my newly cleaned tub and settle down with a book. Finally, naked and clean and alone I can plan my next jog, finally think about a to do list and write down some new goals, make a new schedule and a plan of action,then its relax time….

Dinner with a friend, gifting someone an evening out. Having a good conversation. And coming home to an empty house with not one mess except the lighter next to my candles waiting to be re-lit. And a good book with some warm jammies and the time to follow through with the days plans tomorrow because everything is done.

That is relaxing to me. About twice a year I become over full. At these junctures, relaxing means Cali or Mexico. Lots of misbehaving and other things that don’t get talked about for the sake of release and a new structure. To remember I’m a person and shake off all the funk that Windex can’t quite get to…


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