Ohms and Oms

This blog is my brain’s central nervous system reacting, through electrical impulses that reside within my being.
My energy paths need some rewiring. I do not have an answer to my narcissism, but I will now attempt to make a map of my brain.
Carlton helped me write this blog, with his big ole brain and hearty conversation.
That guy really fulfills my needs. We’ll start with a basic principle of electricity called Ohms Law.
The equation and definition look like this;
V=Voltage (the quantity of electricity, the Potential) ( also called electro-magnetic force)
I=Induction (the measured movement of electrical current)
R=Resistance (what the induction has to overcome in order to create the quantity Voltage)
ohms law

( This info came from: <a href="https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/130592002/posts/45&quot;

Now let’s make it relate to humans.
Voltage is Attachment
Induction is the movement-the trust current of Attachment
Resistance is the mechanical resistance of resisting Attachment
What motivates a person? A specific need. What if you don’t understand why you are motivated to be angry or upset (invoke a feeling)?
In order to have motivation you must be able to identify your needs.
This was the idea behind Maslow’s theory of Motivation. Abraham Maslow, a brilliant cognitive psychologist, who broke the theory down into a definition of needs based on an ideal Hierarchy.

Needs unmet could be called the Resistance of our energy flow.
Induction could be compared to the meeting of the Hierarchy of Needs
The voltage is our energy level that is in adjustment until all the needs are being met and an individual can move onto the next triangle of self-actualization needs. We can visit this triangle later, as we progress.

While I am sitting here writing this blog on the couch next to Carlton, he pipes in with;

“Resistance can be caused by poor connections”.

And my head exploded. Poor connections. Poor attachments. ADHD, here we go! Without the focus on medication, my electrical current is in Hyper drive, and I recognize that being medicated is not always “the way”. Socially, I feel like I have to be focused to be validated in society. I am not a focused person, I am a hyper-focused person whose electrical current is running without resistance. I also recognize that not every person I meet will be able to handle by output of energy. We have the potential to harness this energy, tame the current. This is the relation to Psychosomatic reactions. Psychology you have a feeling that creates an emotion. Your body (the soma) reacts by sending thoughts (through electrical impulses) to your frontal lobe of the brain, where perception exists. The body reacts, choosing from the pool of emotion as to what categorically matches this situation historically, and Boom!! Your stomach hurts, your hands shake, this being the reactions you fear the most happening at this moment. The circuit is created. And by You, I mean Me.

My friend Angie has a tattoo on her forearm of an electrical plug outlet, the place where her nearest dearest places electrical current. She keeps saying she needs the other side of her outlet tattoo finished to create balance, the part that recharges her. The thought behind the representation is that she feel’s empathically for others. She is sensitive to the current, and recognizes that she has forgotten her input for all the energy she needs to take in. This creates the psychosomatic reaction of “The Beast”, as now the energy is threatening to overtake her by being her defense mechanism. She keeps saying she needs to be rewired. This is Angie and her son. We’ll be hearing from Angie soon in the form of some perspective writing. 21686401_346937792420246_6812436364957263126_n

I can relate. I fear releasing that energy and having the consequence being the division of friendships and social attachments. In other words, if I am not received well, I will isolate. And I will believe I am fine, and the world is not fine as proven historically within my experiences. Maybe, the answer lies within BALANCE.

Balance. The ohm. The Om..It all relates.


Recommended Reads and Videos:

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This blogger gives a well-defined description of Om as energy. And what are we? We are Energy. Why? We are electrical.

Motivation Theory
This is a great video about Motivation from the kings of learning at Crash Course.



Ohms Law

3 Comments on “Ohms and Oms

  1. I love the reference to electricity and angies tattoo. Seems clear that. Re energizing is key to giving. The tattoo is awesome. People literally plug in . Lol we all need a recharge port.
    Reminds me…. yesterday my massage therapist was asking where I hurt. The left side of my body was in a state she could not help even in an hour. It was insane. She always gives me good advice apon departure. Yesterday she told me that the left side was where we give from and the right is where we recharge. Your left side seems tense. You need to take care of it or it will rebell…

    Likewise in the mind. I will focus , poor attachments and poor connections. And keep trying. Carlton is a genius! My connections must not be so great eithet

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s funny re reading these comments, and figuring out how to reply, and this same scenario exists. I had a similar massage appt. last week. My energy got stuck, then went to the Sacral/Sacrum area and my back goes out. Having to be in bed, vulnerable and needing help was super annoying. I was grateful, absolutely, but I wish I could prevent the pain from getting so far out of whack by releasing that energy that needs to go.

      I felt it go through my face, then my head, and now I feel great. Energized.


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