Broken down this means psyche of the mind, soma meaning body.
The idea behind psychosomatic reaction is that it is a disorder in which the mind and body are not communicating in proper order. Mental factors such as environmental stress create anxiety, which can produce a tightening in the chest and panic attacks where the body perceives it is dying. The mental part of being can affect our level of physical discomfort.
This is a ball of definitions needing to be defined. Let’s step back.
Definition of Emotion-Body
Definition of Feeling-Mindemotions and feelings
Emotions are the body’s effect of perception in the subconscious, low level responses occurring in the subcortical region and the ventromedial prefrontal cortices.

Feelings are said to be the reaction to emotion, originating in the neocortical regions of the brain having to do with associations and reactions to the subjective perception influenced by personal experience, belief system, and memories. A feeling is the reaction to emotion, the by product. Feelings are cognitive and generally subconscious. This makes the science of Feelings tough to measure because it lacks definition of measurable sort.

Emotions must occur first in order to have Feelings. Emotion always proceeds Feelings.
Feelings. The By Product of Emotions.

What we can measure using scientific methods is the release of neurotransmitters by measuring body language, facial expression, blood flow and brain activity. Emotions are physical and instinctual, Fight or Flight survival the amygdala instigates while regulating the release of neurotransmitters which convey to the body that action is needed.

If Emotion is physical body and Feeling is mind, and any part of the body or mind is “outta whack”, this can lead to a person acting out of ordinary behavior in order to “fix” the issue.

The issue. What is the issue? Everything Psychological is Biological.
I leave you with a fun video to watch that explains this in brilliant fashion. I love Crash Course.


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