Peggy-The Beast; A Caring Guide#2

Emotion.  Is procrastination considered an emotion? I would like to speak today about the Beast. The Beast “Emotion”.  Or to be completely specific, emotion unchecked with logic. When emotion convinces you that it is in fact logic, you can FEEL anger, you can FEEL the animal underneath your skin, just waiting for you to say the word, give the cue. Come on out Beast! I need you! I can no longer be Beauty. My Beauty face is only for the outside polite world.

The Beast is a fierce snarling opponent with little hope or regard to consequence. The Beast is felt, as a thumping hoof, as a necessary protection from the outside world of the people who do not understand you, nor want to understand you. The Beast protects the innocence of a young person hurt. The Beast soothes and envelops in a sort of Fatherly love that says “I love you no matter what”, before taking all your physical pain away (you can really take  a punch now) and blessing your being with a feral animal ready to die for you; The Beast

Of course, we all have a Beast. The deeper the hurt, the bigger the Beast, the Badder the Beast. The Beast is smart. The Beast likes marshmallows and wheat cereals dry without the milk, eating the crunchy little snack while processing many ‘logical actions’ before proceeding. The fact of the Beast eating is a Beast’s way of the logical equation of building mass to defense, and is thus already in Beast prevention, and is preparing for battle. The Beast knows it cannot be weak. The Beast really enjoyed BraveHeart. The Beast has this greatness inside them as well, righting the wrongs because it feels the wrongs inside its Beast belly. That unfurling of the stomach lining when Realization wanders home, after abandoning the Beast in a swirl of defenses and misdirection. The Beast needs Realization to stay in the shadows like a bodyguard, instead of letting Beast take over the whole show and causing unnecessary issues, furthering any irreparable damage. Where have you been Realization?

What does the Beast need to come back from the gallop of injustice sought?

Love. Validation. Understanding or want of understanding.  Soothing. Unconditional loving that can take place before the Beast, whose only intent is to protect its owner, is let out. You must become the Beast so the Beast doesn’t have to become itself. Fiercely protecting what you logically love.

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