Peggy-Logic one. Won?#1

Attachment theory, which was initially studied as experiments by Psychologists’’ Ainsworth and Bowlby, were primarily directed at infant and caregiver in the 1960’s and 70’s. The 1980’s arrived to find that the same principle of attachment applied to humans throughout their lifespan, and was studied in adults, resulting in the findings that the principle is the same. For our 1st Logic blog, I would like to introduce you to the theory of attachment in adults.

There are four main styles of attachment that have been identified in adults; secure, anxious (pre-occupied), dismissive (avoidant), and fearful.  The shared claim is that we are all biologically driven to attach to others, but the working model or process is different due to each unique human learned experience.  The working model is kind of like our road map. It is our principle habits of attachment that can be positive or negative depending on your experience as a child, while you were learning this model.  Now we get to the meat. Reactions.

Impulse and reaction are the main speak of any person deemed not suitable for society’s standards.  We are always seeking to control other’s actions, but tend to give into the Id a little too much. This shows up in society in the reaction of drug and alcohol use, cigarettes, sexual gratification, anger, and physical violence. If this was an emotional blog, I would call that reaction by its name; The Beast. This is when we get angry and break our lives. The reaction we seek to control is our own, but we tend to project that feeling into an expectation, and deliver said expectation upon our partner.  To react is to act upon something perceived in our environment. Perception is the key word though. What we perceive is not always what is intended. Logically speaking, Intent should be what controls the reaction, not perception.

I have laughed at the same time as my partner, and then realized we were laughing at two different things. Our perception on something as simple as laughter was completely different. Let’s add some personal insecurity and a non-intended perception and you have a cocktail leading to disaster. Perception is not intent. Intent is pure truth.

Which brings us to Intentional Movement. The hashtag.  This logic piece is intended to offer a platform. In our everyday lives, especially in a downed economy, all we hear is tragedy and poor intent. I want to offer you something positive, something you can contribute to the world. Our first logic photo mission is to take a picture of something you do intentionally. Hashtag it with #crowinglove and #intentionalmovement . It can be a photo of the trash you cleaned up while walking the beach, building something positive, anything that requires movement that is intentionally good. I think we all deserve some happy.

Also don’t forget, the book Crowing Love is part of project #GabrielandRyan , with all proceeds going to this beautiful couple for their wedding day. If you don’t know the story about this project yet, go back and read the blog “I know now”.  We will be starting our big promotions soon, so keep checking back while we work hard behind the scenes to bring you some goodness, right here, in the Pacific Northwest.







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