Downsizing and Free Falling

I have bad news. The beach is an illusion.

The expectation, to be fair, of what the beach and waters will give us is set unreasonably high. Some days, the tide gives and the current swells perfectly. Most days the wind prevails blowing sand in your ear while you read your self help book and forgive your unreasonable expectations of your childhood. Oh the beach. My projected fantasy onto you. Time to leave. My soul has been restored.

What follows next was a shit show of awesome.

I wanted this road trip so badly, we quit the beach and Carlton took time off from his job. We headed east on Hwy 2, our goal being to avoid any traffic and see the scenery.

We stopped in Wenatchee and stayed at the state park. The showers use tokens and purchase 3 minutes of hot water. You know when your token runs out because you will be berated by the coldest cold water in wonderful forms of pressure. Also, the swimming hole was amazing on a 92 degree day with minimal wind. Look who misses wind now.

We slept at the Wal Mart in Missoula, and purchased iced coffee blend drink and ice, along with two incredible pairs of $5 shorts. Now we can swim sans jean. Check out the shorts on our instagram, and if you have some great shorts on today, post em up with a hashtag #crowinglove #greatshorts @crowinglove.

We sit in Stevensville Montana at a city park that is lush and green. We checked out the public library childrens section and tried to decide what type of book Crowing Love is. Its hard to have outside persepective on artist endeavors. As soon as we have proper internet, I will be sending out pdfs to friends for help and critique.

Im realizing this book is finished in physical form, but we are only just beginning the journey.


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