The Beginning

20170509_062712It feels as though I blink and ten days pass. Time, once so slow, caught up with nostalgia and has become my biggest nemesis. Slow down. Time. Slow down. Me.

We became homefree (without a home) on February 8th 2017. On News Years Eve, our toilet started gurgling and spitting water. The next month, we all became very tired and ill. We had notified the landlord immediately, Jan. 1st. For a month, his wife and him avoided the toilet issue. We kept asking, and promises were made and never kept. We had to walk to a nearby park to use their facilities. The city eventually stated it was unsuitable to live in because of lack of sanitation. We became homeless.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and had a job working with drug abusing pregnant women/new moms. 3 days after eviction from the city, a client abused her child and threw a safe at me. The baby began having seizures. My supervisor told me not to report to CPS, as it would present more barriers for the woman. As a court mandated reporter, I reported the incident to CPS. I was let go from my job and my co workers were told to not speak with me. A few did anyway, and I was grateful. The situation tore a hole in my guts, and I remembered holding that 7 month old baby while he was having seizures after his mom threw him into a playpen. I cried and prayed that someone could save that baby. I left the world of social services. I made a choice to be homefree.

So here we are. There was 3, now 2. I was able to find a position as a camp host, but we lack a home. We have a tent. My 14 year old daughter had to go live with her dad and his family, thankfully only 20 minutes away.

I felt my heart break.

Being a parent is not always picnics and good times. Parenting means making hard choices. My baby needed to be warm. As much as I want to have her close, I cannot ask her to stay and be cold and tired.

Something will give. Somehow. For now, we will continue crowing love.

May hope be with you all, in these trying times.

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