The first blog post, a way to explain who we are and what we do. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Peggy and I have a dream.

I have been asleep for a long while. I woke up about 3 weeks ago and realized how unhappy my unhappiness makes everyone around me. The clincher of being unhappy is that it is selfish. I want this…I want that…then I will be happy. I would try to fill the giant spoon sized hole scraped in my gullet, and ‘things’ never did the trick. We watched a documentary called “The Minimalists”*and began following their blog page. We bought tickets to see the The Minimalists ‘Less is Now Tour’. I had to sell the tickets due to lack of travel funds, and I laughed as I looked around at our minimal tent with our 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of shoes and felt authentic. If we cannot make the tour, we will live the lesson.¬†As a family, we began talking about value. What do we value and why. The question had been asked, and the life was rolling.

Whether we had a choice was an entirely different matter. As I write this, I am sitting in Blackbird Coffee in Port Angeles, WA with my wifi hotspot. We live at a campground on the ocean now, and their is not wifi, no cell reception, just waves crashing and wind tearing at our tent. We began by getting out of debt 3 years ago, which also meant giving up our luxury items such as newer cars and cell phones. The best decision we made is the purchase of our little van.

Pictured below is our 1986 Toyota Van that we bought outright with cash for $1300. Anyone who has owned one of these vans know that the engine is just breaking in at 500,000 miles.* Ours had 132,000 and kept dying on the road. My husband is an automotive tech, and upon inspection we found that the alternator plug wiggles itself out, which creates the charging issue. This van was the starting place for our new life. The 2wd version is generally cheap and made to last forever, as long as you know about that charging issue. My secret gift to you, as you can find these vans on CL for $800 due to a ‘battery’ or ‘alternator’ issue. Check that plug. Get out of payments on a vehicle. Get good gas mileage and travel in pretty cozy seats with a giant windshield so you can see the whole world.

Thanks for stopping by. As we progress, we will have a review page for camping items and a Toyota Van tech page written by my husband. I will be blogging about the personal side of leaving our life behind and taking the biggest risk I have ever taken before.

*There are a few different versions of engines in the 80’s Toyota Van. Check out this forum for some of the best Toyota Van tech talk.


*Check out The Minimalists at:



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