Month: May 2017

Wind Warnings

It is quiet except for the waves crashing outside on the beach. Our tent elequoently flattened in the face of the wind, gusting at 45 mph. A tree branch fell onto the neighboring camp hosts 5th wheel. A preacher and his wife, they tried…

Tips for Non Camping Folks

Drip. Splat. Smatter. Smatter. “Peggy, are you awake?” Oh, I was awake. I was trying to recollect if there were large tree branches above our tent. The wind gusts were blowing the side of the tent 3 feet inward, and the rain was coming…


The Homefree experience is not what we had planned when we began crowing our love. We could foresee buying a home in town, working at our places of employment for many years to come, being an all american family. The abruptness of being displaced…

Today is Judgement Day

In all the noise of the surf, I came upon another thought that awakened my heart. We are living in a selfish life. We want what we want, and we want it instantly. I work among an older generation. I always have, as I…

The Beginning

It feels as though I blink and ten days pass. Time, once so slow, caught up with nostalgia and has become my biggest nemesis. Slow down. Time. Slow down. Me. We became homefree (without a home) on February 8th 2017. On News Years Eve,…


The first time

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